Friday, October 12, 2007

A Cat-less Bag

I really do have some splainin' to do.

To begin with, if I'm ever doing poetry, something's up! I don't do that. Sure, I'll try to rhyme a little every now and then, but if it's not in some way smarmy, jokey, or jack-donkey-ish, something has gone way wrong. I just don't think that deep. I really don't think that deep about school. I'm a geek, not a nerd.

Therefore, one would have to assume I had just been smacked in the head with an estrogen laden two-by-six for publishing this piece of poetic dredge back in August:
Walking softly
never slowly;
part of me leaving
never this quickly.

Perhaps I will stop,
present a smile;
woefully I go
to again find my way.

Now in these hours
tall days, short nights;
finding my way
til time is done.
Now that makes about as much sense as... well, I don't even have an analogy, it's just that ridiculous. Which was the general idea...

You see, I had a huge secret - a white elephant, if you will. I wanted to shout to the world at the top of my lungs. What secret, you say? Well, for those that couldn't figure it out, here's a hint - it's right up there, just above these very lines. Hidden quite plainly, but cryptically. All you need is the cipher - first letter, first line; second letter, second line, and so on; a period resets the sequence. The answer is here, in invisiotext (highlight to see): we're pregnant!


Anonymous Gordon Cloud said...

Congratulations. I thought about writing a poem to express this but it would only be very confusing.

1:39 AM  
Blogger j razz said...


j razz

8:30 AM  
Blogger Tim Ellsworth said...

Congratulations, misawa. That's great news.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Sarah E. said...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Misawa!

3:16 PM  
Blogger misawa said...

Thanks all!

3:44 PM  

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